Create an Eastern Apple ID

Create an Eastern Apple ID (Can be completed at home or at Eastern)

*The Apple ID must be created in iTunes so that None can be selected as the payment type

  1. Open iTunes (If needed use an Eastern computer to open iTunes, or download and install iTunes on your own computer from
  2. Click Agree to the terms & conditions, if necessary
  3. Click on iTunes Store
  4. Search for “iTunes U” (without quotes) in the upper-right search field
  5. Scroll down to the iPad App section and click Get under the iTunes U app
  6. Click Create Apple ID. *Do not attempt to login here with an Apple ID you already have*
  7. Click Continue
  8. Check the box and agree to the terms and conditions
  9. Fill out the Apple ID Details page using your Eastern email address, which should be your proper first name + last name at the Eastern domain, (e.g. It is recommended that you set this password the same as your Eastern computer login password
  10. Create security questions and answers
  11. Do not enter a rescue email address
  12. Uncheck the boxes if you would prefer not to receive informational email updates from Apple.
  13. Select None as the Payment Type
  14. Fill out your Billing Address (This should be your home address) and phone number
  15. Click Create Apple ID
  16. Click on the link in your Eastern email and follow any additional instructions to verify your Apple ID creation. You can access your Eastern email by logging in to with your Eastern Google account username and password that you have created. If you need to setup your Eastern Google Account reference Eastern Student Google Account Creation.