How To Set-up Notability To Sync/Backup to iCloud

Enabling iCloud syncing in Notability is a simple way to protect yourself from complete loss of data in the event of a crash or other application issue.  It is strongly recommended that all students enable iCloud syncing in Notability.  The few minutes it takes to follow these instructions and to enable iCloud syncing will save you immeasurable anxiety and grief in the future.

  1. Launch the Notability app on your iPad:
  2. Tap the gear icon at the bottom left of the application:
  3. In the left-hand column of the Settings screen, tap iCloud:
  4. In the right-hand area of the Settings screen, tap the toggle button next to iCloud:
  5. The initial sync of your Notability notes to iCloud may take several minutes, depending upon how many notes you have.  When the initial sync is complete, tap the OK button in the message box that informs you “You’re now using iCloud”:
  6. Once enabled, the toggle button next to iCloud will indicate it has been enabled by showing color (blue).  Tap Close above the toggle button:

If you have any doubt that your Notability is properly setup to sync to iCloud, visit the Technology Center during Lunch & Lab or (with a pass) during study hall.