ECCRSD Mobile App Parent Setup

Download the App 
You can download the app using the links below on one of your personal devices.

Setting up your contact information:

  1. Launch the ECCRSD app once downloaded and swipe left twice to locate and tap on the Sign-in icon.
  2. Use the information provided via email or postal mail to login.
  3. Tap on the icon with your name and then tap Change Password and enter the requested information to set a new password.
  4. Once your have changed it, tap on your name in the upper left-hand corner to go back.
  5. After adding contact information, you can customize how you receive alerts by tapping on Edit Delivery Preferences. If the icon is green, that means the contact method is activated for that category. Some categories have locks for certain contact methods which means that it is required. Tap on any of the icons to enable/disable that contact method for that category. Once finished click done.
  6. In order to change your phone numbers or emails listed, please login to PowerSchool and go to Forms and then to School Communication Contact Information. You can update your information there. Please note it will take 24 hours for the changes to reflect within the app.

If you need help logging in to your Blackboard account, please contact us at Thank you.